Ethically hand woven in the Yucatan state in Mexico these hammocks and chairs are designed to better fit North-American needs.

  My Colombian hammocks and chairs are also designed for bigger persons in mind. Get here the widest and most comfortable hammocks and chairs on which you can fully stretch

  The softest and the most resistant to rain and sun rays. These hammocks are handwoven by hill tribes women from the North of Thailand and are recognized by the World Fair Trade Organization.

  A high end selection of camping hammocks and many sizes of PU3000 tarps.


Cielo Hammocks is a socially driven organization that seeks to alleviate poverty and promote gender equality through the manufacture and distribution of hammocks world wide.
For many years this Canadian brand of outdoor hammocks have been offering quality and innovation at unbeatable prices.

Rocking synchronizes brain waves during a short nap


  • Why do we cradle babies or irresistibly fall asleep in a hammock? Although such simple behaviors are common across cultures and generations, the nature of the link between rocking and sleep is poorly understood [1,2]. Here we aimed to demonstrate that swinging can modulate physiological parameters of human sleep. To this end, we chose to study sleep during an afternoon nap using polysomnography and EEG spectral analyses. We show that lying on a slowly rocking bed (0.25 Hz) facilitates the transition from waking to sleep, and increases the duration of stage N2 sleep. Rocking also induces a sustained boosting of slow oscillations and spindle activity. It is proposed that sensory stimulation associated with a swinging motion exerts a synchronizing action in the brain that reinforces endogenous sleep rhythms. These results thus provide scientific support to the traditional belief that rocking can soothe our sleep. 
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