Canada hammock

Many fabrics are available to make hammocks and hammock chairs. Here are the most widely used.


Most hammocks are made of cotton as its qualities basically make it perfect for that purpose. Cotton is tear proof, absorbs moisture easily and is very soft to the touch. Cotton fibres also provide the fabric with its comfortable surface structure. Pure cotton is very soft to the touch and skin unlike any other hammock material. You can recognize cotton fabrics by the fact that the fabric will not produce any lint. Humidity is the worse enemy of cotton so you have to keep your hammock dry.

Organic cotton is very popular for hammocks as it has all the benefits of regular cotton while protecting the people cultivating it and the environment as well. As organic cotton is cultivated without using chemical substances, it is not only very soft to the skin but also perfect for products intended for children and babies.
Organic cotton is produced according to ecological principles, thus making it an alternative going easy on the environment and resources. La Siesta offers hammocks and hammock chairs made with organic cotton.


Hammocks from ECUADOR are made with acrylic or a mix of cotton and acrylic. The colored yarn is acrylic, factory-painted and therefore guaranteed colourfast.

Polyester rope lasts considerably longer than cotton out in the elements. Rot-, mold- and mildew- resistant, the polyester we use for our hammocks is soft-spun from countless tiny synthetic fibers, so it's not scratchy and rough like most; instead, it feels surprisingly similar to cotton. As for polyester fabric used for spreader bar hammocks it is generally stiffer and those hammocks tends to be a little unstable.
The polyester soft spun ropes used by Caribbean hammocks are so soft that they feel like cotton but will last at least 5 times longer


Sunbrella® hammock  fabrics are produced from tough acrylic fibers, so they resist stains and mildew while maintaining their good looks indoors or out. Because Sunbrella® is manufactured using 100% solution-dyed yarns, the color can't fade or wash out, so you can be sure they'll remain vibrant for years, even in the harshest sun! 
HamacTex® is a weatherproof functional fibre especially developed for the requirements of hammocks. When LA SIESTA started to develop HamacTex®, they had a vision of creating a fabric that was similar to cotton in its properties but could be left outside all summer without weathering. And they succeeded! Since its introduction to the market in 2005, the polypropylene-based fibre has been appreciated by hammock enthusiasts worldwide.