Going camping or just spending a day on the outdoors ? Whether you just want to relax or to replace your heavy tent by a hammock tent we have what you need. 

DD HAMMOCKS are the best camping hammocks you can find. WHY ?

  • Breathable, double-layered design with velcro tab closure – Breathable is a must for comfort in summer; Better protection against mosquito, or insert a partially-inflated thermarest or camping mat between the layers in cooler weather
  • Ultra-fine mesh mosquito net built in: zips closed and protects against all insects (even the Scottish midge!)
  • 2 x foldable lightweight spreader poles and 2 x 2m lengths of elastic, to suspend the net
  • 2 x double-sided zippers for easy open and close
  • 2 x internal hanging loops for torches, glasses...
  • 4 internal pockets to store small valuables
  • 4 tabs on each corner of the base - to peg out, to suspend equipment from or to fit a DD Underblanket
  • Pre-fitted with 10m strong suspension webbing (5m each end)
  • Stuff sack
  • Comes in 2 sizes: The FRONTLINE and the big FRONTLINE XL
  • Also available a big 3m X 3m, a 3.5m X 2.4 RAINFLIES and the biggest 4m X 4m with 19 attachment points
For those who already have a small travel hammock we offer a super light mosquito net