Hammock chair, chair hammock, swing chair, hanging chair, suspended chair or air chair...

Many names to describe the same pleasure of gently swaying under a tree, a porch or inside your home. If your chair is installed in a protected area, or if if you can store it after usage, cotton chairs like the MERIDA or the LATINA are very comfortable to rest or even have a nap. Polypropylene cordon chairs (MORELOS) are new on the market and exclusive to us. Trek Hamaca's camping chair is the most portable one and is a must for campers or RV owners. Finally, the big hammock lounger made with HAMACTEX (DOMINGO) will better resist bad weather


Contrary to the Mayan hammock the chair hammock is a pretty new design. Now the lack of space is not a reason anymore not to enjoy the benefits of relaxing in a hammock. These hammock chairs can be installed outside or inside. In fact, people who enjoyed their chair hammock during the summer days will look for a place inside to install it for the winter. Installed under the balcony upstairs  it become an urban Mayan hammock.

MERIDA: JUMBO cotton hammock chair

The Merida is a LARGE hammock chair made with a thick cotton cord using the "4 string" techniques for a tighter more comfortable weave. This biggest hammock chair is heavier since the weaving needs more material. Stretch in it, you won't believe how big it is.

MORELOS, a JUMBO waterproof hammock chair

You want a chair hammock that is almost as comfortable as cotton but that you can leave under the rain ? Look no more, the MORELOS hammocks and chairs are made with thick polypropylene braided cords and are perfect for everyday use.


COLOMBIAN hammock chairs are made with a tightly woven cotton or cotton/polyester cloth. The last ones are woven with recuperated cotton, which is brand new material taken from the clothing industry leftovers. The same color is kept which means no additional dye nor whitening for an ecological hammock. The unique design of the Colombian chair will relax you in no time. Those models are ethically made in the Caribbean cost of Colombia.



TREK hanging chair

This wonderful suspended chair is offered at the best price ever. Made with parachute silk nylon the TREK camping chair is light and easy to carry with you anywhere. The breathable material is very comfortable even on hot and sunny days. 

Mexican elegance. We were the first in Canada to introduce the COZUMEL chair made in Yucatan (Mexico). This chair is made with a most elegant cotton fabric. This chair is both comfortable and great looking.

The open material is cooler in summer then brazilian style chairs. Available in natural cotton (beige) you will love it inside or outside.