Free yourself from the trees with a hammock stand or a chair hammock stand. The largest selection in Canada !

Portable hammock stand

These stands comes in 2 sizes, 9ft and 10ft long. They assemble in no time without tool and come with a most useful carry bag.

The 9ft stand fit double camping hammocks (parachute nylon hammocks). It is a must for campers and RV owners.

The longer and higher 10ft stand will allow the hammock to open more for more comfort. It will receive all string hammocks (Mayan hammocks), and the Colombian hammocks. Neither of those stands will fit spreader bar hammocks.

3 beam 15' hammock stand

 The steel hammock stands are made for spreader bar hammocks only, up to 14ft long. They can hold up to 450lbs (205kg)

ARC wood stand

We offer this most beautiful 15ft wood hammock stand for spreader bar hammocks. The PINE wood stand is higher and can also receive most Mayan and Thaï hammocks.