Mayan string hammocks

are handwoven in the Yucatan state in Mexico. The bed of our true Mexican hammocks are made with cotton while the suspension arms are made with polypropylene for more strength. Cotton hammocks are the most comfortable but they have to be stored after usage. If always left outside under sun and rain the cotton hammock will fade the first year and threads will start breaking on the 3th year. If  properly taken care of your cotton Mayan hammock will give you many years of true comfort. Polypropylene hammocks (usually called nylon hammocks although they are not..) will dry and fade under constant sun rays. The 100% true nylon hammocks are the most weather resistant. Most Mayan hammocks need a minimum of 11 between trees or post if hanged at 6' high or more. Since we rest diagonally in a non-spreader bar hammock the wider the better.

Here is how to understand Mayan hammock sizes.

Chances are that if you surf on the Web looking for the right Mayan hammock you will find many description or names for the same final size. In fact, the size of a Mayan hammock depends on 2 factors; the density of the weaving and, mainly, the quantity of material used to weave the hammock. The only way to know exactly what size of hammock you are getting is by it's weight. Our hammocks sizes are determined by the number of spools of yarn used to weave them.

Small Mayan hammock (#3)

The single hammock (SMALL) is mainly for kids.
  • SMALL (3 spools)
  • Approximate size: 420 X 100 cm  (165" X 39")
  • Rated 150kg (330lbs)
  • Minimum weight: 650gr (1.45lbs)

LARGE Mayan hammock

This LARGE hammock is for up to 5'6" or for two kids to relax. Also good to take camping.
  • Approximate size: 420 X 150 cm  (165" X 59")
  • Rated 150kg (330lbs)
  • Minimum weight: 1kg to 1.1kg

X-LARGE hammock (matrimonial)

This LARGE hammock is OK for two persons cozy but more comfortable for one adult who can stretch and sleep  in it.
  • LARGE (matrimonial)
  • Approximate size: 420 X 200 cm  (165" X 79")
  • Rated 250kg (550lbs)
  • Minimum weight: 1.25kg

XX-Large hammock (KING SIZE)

This XXL wonderful hammock has the perfect size to really enjoy a good night of sleep. Will take 2 or more persons as it can hold 660lbs.
This is the best hammock size, have one !

  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE (also called a King size) 
  • Approximate size: 420 X 250 cm  (165" X 98") 
  • Minimum weight 1.65kg to 1.75kg
  • Rated 300kg (660lbs) 

JUMBO thick cord hammock

This hammock is made with a cotton yarn 3 times bigger then the regular one. This hammock is big enough to receive the whole family. The stronger yarn is a good choice if the hammock is intended for kids or for a commercial usage. 8 spools of thick cotton are used to weave this hammock.
  • Size EXTRA-LARGE (King size)
  • Approx. size: 250cm X 420cm (98" X 165")
  • Weighs: 3kg (6.6lbs)
  • Hold: 350kg (770lbs)

* The sizes are approximates since they depend on how tight the hammocks are woven.


  • Cotton hammocks are the most comfortable but have to be stored after usage.
  • On a string hammock always beware of buttons, jewels and shoes.
  • A hammock is not for pets.

Hammock colours:

We supply the weavers with the raw material and they let go with their creativity. This way we can only indicate some color combinations that you can choose from but no two hammocks are identical. Every hammock is unique, isn't that great ?

Warm colours (Tequila) are a blend of red, yellow and orange. They are weaved with solid stripes or herringbone patterns. A nice looking hammock representing Mexico.

 The multicolor hammock shows a mix of colours, of course. The number of colours depends on the size of the hammock. The Single hammock is made with 3 spools of material so it will have a maximum of 3 colours. Then it is 4 for the Double, 5 for the Queen size, 6 for the King and 7 for the Jumbo hammock.

The suspension arms will also be of different colours depending on the imagination of our dear weavers.

Mayan hammocks from Yucatan are also available in many 2 colours combinations or in the beige natural cotton yarn.

hammocks come in 5 chic colour patterns.
How to hang your Yucatan Hammock

To be comfortable in a Mayan hammock you must lye diagonally or across it, and this why it is mainly the width of the hammock that change from one size to another. Your hammock have to hang making a nice smile. The end loops have to be between 6 and 6.5 feet high and roughly 11' to 12' apart. The centre of the hammock, the lowest part of it, have to be about 20" from the ground, or what is the more convenient for you to get in and out of the hammock. The more distance between the trees the higher you need to attach your cords.

Avoid installing the hammock directly to a metal hook since it will damage the end loops. The best way to hang the hammock is by using some nylon or polyester ropes and use an easy to make knot as picture here. This knot is also easy to undo if you need to adjust the hammock height.

How to use your Yucatan Hammock (like all traditional hammocks)

Now that the hammock is safely installed it is time to relax. First make sure that the hammock is installed properly according to the instructions. Then, stand in front of the hammock, in the middle, grab a handful of fabric in your hand and lift it over your shoulders. Keeping your hand high sit in the hammock and lay on your back. OK, you can now let go your handful of hammock. Get your feet in the hammock and move yourself until you find your sweet spot where you will feel no pressure point. remember to go diagonally at a 30 to 45 degrees angle, depending on your size and the size of the hammock. Very fast you will reach a state of pure happiness before falling asleep. By sitting closer to one end you get a comfortable reading position.

A hammock is not a swing and you should keep an eye on children. You must also beware of jewels, buttons, shoes and velcro. Don't let your hammock exposed to bad weather and animals.

How to care for your Yucatan Hammock

If you have a cotton hammock you have to store it when not in use. Cotton have to dry if you do not want it to rot, so keep it away from the rain and never store your hammock if not perfectly dry. Nylon and polyester hammocks are not affected by rain but they will last longer if not permanently left exposed to sun rays.

You can machine wash your hammock but it is not recommended, and in cold water only. If you do not want to hate yourself attach firmly the suspension arms of the hammock every 6" and put the hammock inside a bag or pillow case. If they get all  tangled you will need more then a hammock to relax. Let dry outside, never in the dryer. your clean hammock will shrink a little but get back to it's size when you use it.